August 29, 2008

This is where we used to live.


We moved out of the RiverLoft and into our new house yesterday. It was more than a little emotional. I’ve lived in 628 since I left the East Village in early 2002.

In this loft: I convinced the most wonderful girl in the world how “fun” it would be to leave New York, live in Philly and commute back to New York. We built an unbelievably successful e-commerce. site. We built an unbelievably successful PR/Marketing firm. We got married. After three false starts we successfully created a human being. We used 628 as a homebase to travel the world. We surrounded ourselves with great friends, had fun parties and made fantastic memories.

Yesterday was our move. It was also McLean’s 4 month birthday. He’ll only know the fabulous new home we’ve built for him. I can’t wait to fill the new house with old friends, great food… and begin building new memories.


fatherhood has made you a big ol' softie :)


Congrats on finally making it into the new house! I'll miss the Riverloft but I can't wait for all the good times in the new pad!

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