December 28, 2007

Last challenge for 2007: MT4

I need to convert a MovableType site I built in 2006 to MT4. The site is a complicated web-application built with MT that relies heavily on Kevin Shay’s RightFields. RightFields has not been updated to MT4, so I’m moving the RightFields functionality to the new “Professional Pack” version of CustomFields.

Before it was snatched up by SixApart, CustomFields 2.1b4 from Movalog had KeyValue support… I can’t seem to find any info if this functionality is still in the new “Professional Pack” version of CustomFields for MT4.1b2. No one at SixApart seems to know. Crazy that they would buy and restrict CustomFields to commercial users (which I am)— despite having it voted one of the most valuable MT plugins.

Does anyone know if Brad Choate’s Key Values plugin required— or is there a similar Extended Entry value parsing built directly into CustomFields? I’ve been trying to use the following syntax in the Extended Entry to test a CustomField with external clients (Ecto and MarsEdit)


I’ve also tried:

EntryDataTest ==
== EntryDataTest

I just don’t seem to be able to update or set the CustomFields for an entry with key values. Any tips or insight would be greatly appreicated.


Hi Jonathan -

To my knowledge, what did work in the old plugin should still work in the new plugin (addon, component, whatever they are calling it). The only thing that won't is a custom datasource.

Looking at the code, the only real place that the KeyValue option was supported was in the template - when you added it, it was split up into the value component (at least, I think that's how it worked), and that seems to be intact.

As with many things, the best bet is probably going to be to try it out. I can say that it probably won't work in the ExtendedEntry - for that, you'd need Brad's plugin. You would need to actually set up a CustomField to do it. But it should work on the CustomField from what I can tell.

Chad, thanks for the insight.

I have tried with and without Brad's plugin-- with no luck so far. The KeyValue functionality was new to Movalog's 2.x betas... but didn't get documented anywhere before SixApart took it over. I wish I could get ahold of someone at SixApart that's working on the Professional Pack...

Just to make sure I'm explaining this correctly. I'm trying to figure out is the following functionality from

"You can now enter CustomFields values from a 3rd party client (such as Ecto, wbloggar or Windows Live Writer) using the format specified by the Key/Values plugin in the extended entry field"

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