February 5, 2007

A little further…
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We got out of Watertown this morning. The weather had cleared but the roads were still a mess. It wasn't long until we had to stop and help a car in the ditch. Not much further we were whited out and forced off 81 again into Pulaski. The road completely disappeared under snow drifts. Visibility was less than 15 feet. If it wasn't for a well lit 18 wheeler in front of us we probably would have driven off the road. New York State Troopers that had been ferrying stranded motorists back to Polaski told us that 81 South between Mexico and Syracuse is going to be closed... don't even try to go that way. We're so close to Syracuse... if we could just make it a little further we'd be out of the Lake Effect snow band and onto clear roads.

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Don't leave us hangin'! Did you get out okay? Are you alright?!?

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