December 7, 2006

Going Green

We’ve just finished adding solar panels to our beach house in Delaware. Dale from CMI Electric did an excellent install that just took less than 3 days. Our beach house in the perfect location: south facing in an area of the country that gets heaps of direct sunshine. Click below to see the rest of the hardware.


The panels have been mounted with brackets designed to protect delicate cedar shake roofs. The panels are elevated enough to allow the cedar shakes to dry after getting wet— stopping the shaded wooden roof from rotting.


The arrays have been running for 4 days— unfortunately those four days have been rather overcast. As you can see from the display, the two solar arrays have only generated 44.8 kWh compared to the 68.3 kWh that the house has consumed. We’re not off the grid yet. We estimate that on a normal sunny day that the Delaware beaches experience, the arrays will be generating surplus power that we’ll be selling back the grid.


Each array is 412W. As you can see on this cloudy day only 2.757 kWh has been generated.

About the ringing knuckle icon: the GE inverters shown below have the most bizarre user interface. To change the settings you need to smack the inverter panel with your knuckles. No buttons. Just knuckle sandwiches.


Finally a view of the water from the top:


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