March 24, 2006

Intel Photoshop Insight

Excuses on why Adobe dropped the ball— from a Photoshop developer. Read the comments. The full Final Cut Studio and Aperture will be Universal within the next 5 days. Blaming Xcode for not being able to handle “big applications” is a crock. Adobe had the heads up to make the switch to Xcode 5 years ago. They choose to keep charging for full updates to new versions without putting the resources into either maintaining an up to date codebase or beginning the port to Xcode.

Even worse— InDesign was developed from scratch in the last 5 years. What it’s excuse?

This is Quark/Indesign all over again. Quark screwed around with half baked upgrades for years without bug fixes. Adobe crushed them with InDesign. Someone needs to show up to the party with a Universal Photoshop killer and market the hell out of it the full year before CS3 ships.

An aside— much like their botched releases…and botched branding attempt, Six months later and Quark has re-re-branded with a new less “controversial” logo. Designed inhouse.

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