October 28, 2005


Apple AperatureI’ve flip-flopped back and forth on whether I should buy Aperture. It’s as pricey as Photoshop ($500), and is essentially just iPhoto, iView or C1 hopped up on the junk and all “pro-interfaced“out.

What makes it so appealing is how it simplifies the RAW workflow. The silly photos I shoot and post here are actually a pain to work with. My D100 captures 6MB images. Those images take upwards of 60 sec per image to process (download from the card, organize, convert from RAW, Photoshop/edit, archive). Processing the photos on a 2GB compact flash can take almost and hour— and after a weekend or trip I’ve filled 4 compact flash cards. (This is one of the reasons the old photoserver hasn’t be updated in a year). What makes Aperture amazing is that apparently it can parse and manage those processor intensive images in realtime.

Time is money. Even-though I’m an amateur photographer— and this is a pro tool— my need for the profession workflow is still there. I have close to a Terabyte of photos on this server’s RAID. Digital photos going back to 1998 and spanning +/-6 different cameras. Until I moved to a digital SLR, processing and organizing JPEGs was a breeze. Now shooting RAW, my dual 2.0Ghz G5 is really pushed to its limits.

Photo blogs are going crazy with leaked photos of what will DEFINITELY be my next camera: the Nikon D200. It shoots 10MB RAWs. I shutter to think what it’s going to take to manage those photos. Aperture’s realtime RAW processing is the only way I can see my joy of photography still being enjoyable.

The steep price of “just a workflow tool” is tough to swallow. I’ll still need Photoshop. Aperture is available for $50 off, free shipping and no tax at Amazon. Best deal I’ve seen.

A new camera and a new piece of photo management software that costs as much as most people’s cameras… Thank god my G5 and video card meet the recommended specs- or I might also be headed down the road of needing (or wanting) a new machine.


Time is money. Sounds like you could save alot of time using Aperture. Then, the question becomes how much is your time worth? Multiply that by the hours you would save and compare to Aperture's price. Also, if you are an educator, you can get Aperture for $149.

I have a hard time believing anyone who uses a DSLR, can't find the justification to buy this app.

Wait until you see the actual results of Aperture and how they compare to other converters. Visit Galbraith web site, he has an interesting preview report of Aperture


I thought I was getting this for you "for Christmas"?

Thanks for all the advice. Time is money, and even if it wasn't I'm finding it hard and hard to find a little free time to just about anything these days...

Mart-nut: I wasn't sure if you were on that... are you going to have it by Nov. 8th?

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