October 12, 2005


What’s missing from making the new fat video iPod actually phat: TiVo2Go on the Mac. I’m not paying $1.99 to watch Lost on my iPod. I already have it on my TiVo. As John Gruber said:

I already get these shows with my cable TV; paying for them again in a crummy low-res format strikes me as a bad deal — like paying for songs I already own on CD.

The long promised TiVo2Go for Mac has been MIA due to a lack of DRM on Apple’s platform. The DRM is now here. iTunes does Rendezvous. TiVos do Rendezvous. It’s a no brainer. Import the TiVo video files, encrypt them with the iTunes video codec — and they can be played on 5 Macs or iPods. Joanne could load up on TiVo’d shows before her weekly Amtrak trips to New York. I’d buy it in a second.

RIP Firewire. The new iPods can neither sync nor charge via Firewire. At least the Nano could still charge with it. USB 2.0 doesn’t seem quick enough to me for moving movies around.

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