September 23, 2005

Homeland insecurity

Billions of dollars have been spent since 9/11 to plan for catastrophic events in metropolitan areas. What’s the result? It takes 5 days to evacuate the population of a mid-size city. A mid-sized city with decent roads. Philly— the fifth largest city in the U.S.— has a tiny 2-lane-in-both-direction expressway (76). There’s no way it’s going to be able to handle an evacuation. Do you think the GW Bridge and the tunnels are going to handle the millions trying to escape New York? Hasn’t anyone figured these details out yet?

Terrorist attacks don’t build over the Atlantic and give you a week notice before they hit. What have they been doing? Billions spent on Homeland Security. Billions spent on FEMA first responders. $200 billion to rebuild New Orleans. Sunday we’ll find that another $100 billion is needed to rebuild Houston and Galveston. Where’s all this money coming from? Not from tax breaks.

$200+ billion to plunge Iraq into civil war and ultimately build another Iran (Islamic Fundamentalist regime). I’m thinking that probably wasn’t the best investment.


Man you got fired up, for real. I feel like most people agree --- especially during rush hour here in NY

But Jon, we're safer now - because we've attacked the terrororists' neighbours. Plus like W's Mom said, "these (poor displaced flood victims) are better off then they've ever been..." Now if we could just outlaw abortion, stem cells, homosexuality, and get rid the estate tax I think this country would be set.

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