September 10, 2005

Nano tunes

I just picked up the 4GB Nano at the Apple Store in Delaware (tax free!). It’s pretty amazing. It’s almost too small. I have a terrible feeling I’m going to leave it on the Acela to New York.

I’m a little shocked that you can no longer use Firewire to sync. Firewire can only be used for charging. Firewire 400 was pushed so hard by Apple. Then Firewire 800… now it seems to be falling to the way side. USB 2.0 takes 3 times as long to sync as Firewire 400.

I hope it’s just the case of that the 1394b chips where just to big to squeeze into the tiny Nano case— and not that Apple is walking away from Firewire. It would be extremely lame that Firewire was being phased out because so few WinTel machines have Firewire ports. I can understand maximizing profitability and building for the lowest common denominator— but that shouldn’t hobble the Macintosh experience.

I wasn’t so far off with the trademark issues. I’m surprised Apple would make a branding move like that without surveying the marketplace.

I need to get home to sync with my iTunes to really try it out. I’m also interested to see it next to my brick-thick 5GB first generation scroll wheel iPod.

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