August 31, 2005

Still having troubles

I’m still trying to work out the obscure bug that has hampered my blog posting. SixApart support has been excellent. I’m very impressed- my support ticket has been elevated to the top!

Also, for anyone that hasn’t heard— here’s an update on New Orleans update from Tracy:

all of my family has evacuated new orleans and are safe. everyone is in different locations throughout the south. it is very difficult to keep in touch with everyone due to the down cell towers and overload of the system that is still in place. it is much easier for my family and friends to get in touch with me than for me to get through to them. therefore, i am the contact for my family - everyone must check in at least once a day & update me on their situation.

returning to new orleans and the metro area at this point is impossible, and illegal. everyone that remained is now being physically forced to leave. the flood waters are rising due to levee breaks and a minimum of 9 feet of water is expected EVERYWHERE on the eastbank (new orleans, metairie, kenner, etc.) the westbank, where my mom & jerry live, has much less water. there home has only minimal wind damage considering the storm that hit. however, no one is being allowed back. the clean-up and rescue efforts will take weeks, if not months, before the homes are inhabitable and power/water services are restored.

i am hoping that my sister and brother will be up soon to stay with us for a while. we are working on that. they are at this point homeless and jobless. my mom and jerry will be staying with a friend in baton rouge. everyone is still trying to figure out what to do!

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