June 21, 2005


(c)2005 jonathan hudson
Coney Island, NYC 2005


What are you shooting on these days? Do you have any pics from your F717 - since your not mailing to the UK (and since I've fallen head over heels in love with that model at a local display window) I've decided to go out and buy one - be it eBay or the �499 my happy local dealership (read: yeah, they should be bloody happy charging a 25% margin over everyone else)...

Anyhoo- its either the DSC-F717 or a pentax 67 medium format stylee. Time to get serrious I think - what about you? "home enthusiast" - do you still shoot with a stable of cameras, or have you found the one?

I most often I use my Nikon D100. When I think things will get rowdy-- I go to pubs/bars with a Sony DSC-P100

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