April 26, 2005

Tiger. Rawr.

My copy of MacOS 10.4 will be here Friday ($35 off at Amazon). Neil has been running it for a while and got me excited about it last night. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to prepare. I think I’ll just do a clean install to one of my machines as a proving ground.

It’s going to be a long time until I upgrade this server. With the new GCC 4.0 compiler and all the backend changes in 10.4, I can only imagine it’s going to be a nightmare rebuilding all the perl mods and their dependancies. I’ll wait until the server users blaze the trail. Thanks to Neil I think I’ve fixed the Atom problem with links in my templates that were returning an error with the new Safari RSS.

I’m looking forward to managing my workflow with Automator. Spotlight (modeled after the BeOS filesystem database) and Dashboard are interesting. I’m a little disappointed and surprised that most of the OS isn’t 64bit, and that they would release Mac Mini— knowing Tiger was coming— and they wouldn’t support Core Image on it. If they knew the required specs wouldn’t be met, surely they should have made the Mini video cards upgradable.

I can’t seem to find any info on Darwin’s open source components. Is it running Apache2? Samba3? PHP5? Where are those tech specs listed?


Finally! I've been waiting for your geek post on Tiger for 2 weeks. Student price: $69.00! I'm going to the bookstore right now to have them reserve me copy.

What's with this single user license crap? Do I have to drop $200 on the family pack to upgrade my 2 computers? And who, besides Hudson, has 5 computers in their home?

well this is not legal advice... but the single license should do you fine... it's not like this thing has an insane restrictions and copy protection like the new photoshop

I wasn't sure if they were going to pull a Quark and require some sort of activation. I've got Photoshop CS and it's on both of my machines. Are you referring to Photoshop CS 2?

The new Adobe Suite (CS2) can only be installed on two machines (and it can't be run at the same time on both machines)-- so if you're doing work, and Jack wants to bang out a layout at the same time, you're out of luck.

you also have to register the apps with 30 mins of installing them on your 2 machines.

I heard that Adobe also has new unmanned spy planes that are watching us. If you're not on a network or connected to the World Wide Web, how does the software know that it is simultaneously running on 2 machines? Sounds like Black Magic to me.

unclear... but it does need to be connected to register

Full disclosure: My version of CS2 hasn't been delivered yet... I haven't had terrible registering problems myself. yet.

MP: Are you coming to the CrawFish Boil?

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