March 24, 2005

This one goes to 11

Yamaha YSP1 (photo from
Our second Yamaha YSP1 42 speaker Sound Projector just arrived. The first one suffered a broken grill during shipping. This speaker is mammoth and can easily be damaged traveling FedEx Freight.

We’ve yet to plug it in and hear the sound quality. Unfortunately it’s not mine— it’s for the (re)build of our family cottage on Lake Ontario. Duncan is on spring break, so if I can carry it— I’ll try to sneak it home and give it a whirl this weekend. Amateur office speaker porn after the jump:

Ysp1 Desk2
Out of the box and on my messy desk. You can see the width of it compared to the Microtek scanner to the right.

Ysp1 Remote

Yspi Connections
From right to left: System connector, RS-232, digital DVD coaxial input, optical AUX & TV inputs, video out, subwoofer out, analog audio in: TV and VCR.

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