March 6, 2005

80 feet at the water line

(c)2005 jonathan hudson
Turtle Bay, St. John 2004


Did you alter that with Photoshop or something? There's no way water is that blue. It should be, but it usually isn't.


the water isn't that blue for sure... but I also didn't super saturate it in photoshop...

This shot was taken at the water level with a Sony DSC-P100 which tends to have a serious cyan tint to most direct sun images... it also really saturates colors (along with Caribbean waters)

I was swimming in the channel, getting tossed around by the waves... I kept trying to get a full picture of the sailboat cutting by- but every-time I snapped a shot i dipped into the trough of the waves...

In the end the very blue waterline mast only shot seemed to be kind of interesting.

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