March 2, 2005

Scope creep

Tips on taming scope at ALA.

Last month I had a project go extremely south due to poorly defined deliverables and expanding scope creep. The end product was completed on time and the client was happy with the final deliverables— but the client/designer relationship soured and both parties parted on bad terms.

It’s a shame and I’m part to blame… The client was a old friend, business associate and fellow agency creative. After years of consulting and learning the freelance lessons, I made the mistake of accepted the project “off the cuff” without clear definition of the final deliverable or compensation. The due date was a solid set date, but the work load and additions to the project keep growing and growing. Consuming over 110% of my time. Other projects and responsibilities in my life suffered. In the end I felt cheated and abused. The client felt exploited. A difficult and sad lesson learned by both of us.


Quoting you: "Other projects and responsibilities in my life suffered"

Tell me about it. If I had to look at one more POTD, I was going to go nuts.


Ladies and gentleman, a big round of applause... Marty is here all week...

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