January 31, 2005

Powerbook decisions

What to do? I’m stumped. I’ve been waiting for a new Powerbook to be released for ages. Today’s offerings aren’t G5s or dual-core G4s… they’re just modest speed bumped old Powerbooks. My options are:

  • Keep my current 500mhz Titanium Powerbook for meetings/road trips and buy a $500 mini as my work machine to hold me over until the G5 Powerbooks arrive (July?). Come July, convert the mini into a server/one-wire station at the beach or cottage.
    Magic 8 ball: Ask again later

  • Buy a new 15“ 1.65GHz Powerbook and be pissed as hell when a new chip/architecture comes out in July.
    Magic 8 ball: Unclear

  • Buy a new 15” 1.65GHz Powerbook— try not to be pissed as hell. Try not to break it. Ebay the sucker when the G5/G4 dual-core Powerbooks come out.
    Magic 8 ball: Outlook not good

  • Keep my current boat-anchor Powerbook and wait it out.
    Magic 8 ball: Don’t count on it

I have plenty of hardware- a Dual G5, an upgraded sawtooth, a pismo, a Dell tower. It’s just that the dog-slow Tibook has become my primary machine. February could end up being a heavy new hardware expense month, as I’ve just placed an order for a Cingular Treo 650 to replace my current phone.


Work just got me a 15" laptop after fighting with them for 3 months, it arrived on Thursday, and now this, doesn't that suck! The right USB port is bad, so it's going back to apple, joy!

You write about the eternal debate mac users always have. You know they're coming out with a G5, it's just really a question of when. When they do come out, are you going to be comfortable with being an early adopter? I always worry about first gens of the powerbook, specially when they are putting a new processor in there.

These powerbooks that they just announced seem like a real gem, short of a G5. New technologies with the trackpad, the hard drive both in speed and data protection, the video card can support a 30in display... it seems like its the last of a refined design, kinda like the Pismo was of the Wallstreet looking machines. I think you'll have a very successful run with the latest powerbook. Also, once the G5s come out it will out perform the G4? The current iMac is having a hard time out performing the older one, but that really depends on how much of a 64 bit system Tiger winds up being.

I still have a Pismo 500 as my primarly personal machine, so I feel your pain. :D If you are really suffering, buy the new powerbook, you can always sell it if something comes along, and you save time and energy in the mean time by not bitching at your book for being slow.

And your getting a Treo now too? Gah. I've been drooling over it and I thought I would have one leg up on you since you just bout the K700, damn luck with you loosing it! Just waiting for the unlocked GSM model to come out...

Yah, I bought a refurbed Powerbook 667 a while back, it felt SO SLOW compared to comparable PC laptops of the time... my thinking now goes like this, if your bread and butter is in web work, aka dreamweaver & flash (along with photoshop) then pop for a screaming fast PC. Put Adaware and AVG Virus Protection on it. Don't put too much software on it outside of what you really need. Now if you plan on doing much more Video and Audio production get a powerful Mac and take the hit... if you can really afford it get both. But yes your totally on the right track. Steve Jobs PLEASE MAKE A SCREAMING FAST POWERBOOK, and don't let Macromedia port lazy & buggy versions of their software over to the Mac. Demand that it runs as well as it does on the PC! My Dell 700m smokes my Powerbook, but ironically My dell can't run any of the cool Apple Pro Apps... what are we gonna do?

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