January 20, 2005

Minor, low-speed derailment

Minor derailment? It cancelled my train and delayed all northbound trains for hours. That’s not minor— and despite what it says, hour delays and cancelled trains does not constitute “service has returned to normal.”

I have a 4:30 new business meeting in New York and I’m screwed. AMTRAK sucks. It really does. My wife’s clients are all in NYC and she rides it a couple of times a week. It’s always late and it cost more than flying. The service sucks… and it’s still the lowest security target for terrorist.

I’m mad.


Move back to New York.

You could always take the Wambulance.

www.septa.org, www.njtransit.com

about $35 round trip. yes, it's an extra hour of train time, but would you rather spend that hour on the train or in 30th St. Station/Penn Station? (or Kabooze)

I actually like Marty's idea - move back to NY.

there's many problems with that:

  1. you have to time it right not to spend 30 minutes in trenton
  2. septa service is unreliable and is now cutting routes and schedules to meet their budget cuts: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t6051.html
  3. the trains suck, the seats are uncomfortable, and you can't work (no tray tables for a laptop)
  4. amtrak/speta/nj transit all share the same tracks to NYC and those tracks are owned by conrail... anyone one of them having an incident on the rails in the North East corridor can knock north or south bound trains out for everyone
  5. worst reason of all-- it takes an extra hour!

I made it to a meeting in New York yesterday in 10 minutes.

that's not funny

Wife commutes to NYC from Philly on a daily basis, so I similarly have heard personal horror stories. In fact, the other day, I was very much tempted to start a new blog just dedicated to addressing the realty of Amtrak's woes.

Pa Lawyer: I'd have A LOT to contribute to that blog!

Can someone tell me whether there's Wi-Fi on AMTRAK yet? Or just the stations.... on an 3 hour journey, from Aberdeen to (the mega-metropolis of) Edinburgh I couldn't find an - upholstered - seat but was reminded that wi-fi was available throughout the train, for my convenience... seating merely an added bonus to the $100, economy class, non-refundable/transferable ticket (bit of easily-forgeable paper).

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