January 7, 2005

Expo Frenzy

The cycle repeats again. The cult of Mac is in a frenzy. Tuesday is Steve Job’s MacWorld keynote— the traditional launch pad for new Apple technology.

Rumors have flooded mac sites of a $500 mac, Apple Tivo, cellphone, office suite, flash based ipods, sirus satellite ipods and an audio break out box for electric guitars and bases to plug into GarageBand. Many of the rumors have been countered by Apple lawsuits that tend to lend some of them credibility. The latest is that the live webcast of Steve Job’s keynote has been cancelled (as a punishment to the rabid mac fans?).

In the last few days Apple has either been playing PR games or doing an odd job at damage control (great analysis of the damage rumors do).

All I want from Steve is a new Powerbook. G5 please.


no rumors or lawsuits over powerbooks... I think you're out of luck :(

http://dotmac.info/news/438 In regards that keynote speech, there was a rumour (see Engadget's last podcast) that anrgy mac fans are gunna' get up and yell "stop suing us" at various moments. Perhaps Apple are thinking of the bad press from this... actually, remembering the whole Newton thang - where the fans lined up in Cupertino - Apple did turn that round with the aid of cookies and tea, so - maybe Jobs will take some time from CEOing to be a friend. I'd love to see that personaly, SJ coming off the stage, explaining that his baby's gotta have time to grow- some space- if you will. Secrets and Apple shakes head hoom.

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