January 3, 2005

A flat-panel steal?

Does anyone know anything about the Olevia LT30HV 30“ HDTV-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV? $1,389.94 seems a little too good for a 30” wall mountable HDTV ready television. There’s got to be a catch.


[On the subject of TV, what's with TiVO-To-Go not being available on Mac?]

In B-school speak, it looks like a "new market entrant" using "penetration pricing" to gain "market share." It will either be a solid brand 5 years from now, or on the ash heap of CE goners. Chances are, the Sonys of the world will eventually engineer themselves down to these price points, and wipe out the Olevias. Just search for "Brooksonic" on Amazon and notice how many of their products are not discontinued (0). I got her majesty a Brooksonic DVD/VCR combo last christmas for $88.00. At that price I don't care who they are.

I like to look at the customer ratings. Amazon customers seem to like it. Or you can go to one of the hardcore HDTV fan message boards like this one: http://www.hdtvoice.com/voice/index.php and see what the real geeks have to say (if anything)

tivo-to-go is "coming" soon to the mac...

i went through the reviews of this tv. 1/2 are glowing 5 stars and 1/2 are warning not to by it. nothing in the middle.

Yeah. Half glowing from the JJG's of the world, and half ranting from the Studio2f's of the world. Who's it for?

F you guys I got mine for that price: you all suck except for marty

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