December 13, 2004

Stylesheet problems?
how this page SHOULD look Duncan’s WinXP laptop is incorrectly rendering this page on both IE and Firefox. I can’t figure out what’s going on. His machine collapses the left column over the right content in both browsers

My PC’s IE and Firefox display it fine. I’ve run captured screenshots with IE5.5 (win2000) through IE6 (XP) with Mozilla and Firefox versions in the mix. The results are here. I cannot repeat the display problems he’s experiencing.

The XHTML is valid. The CSS is valid. I’m stumped. Anyone else having problems viewing this page?


I'm on Win XP running Firefox 1.0 and it looks fine. It also renders fine in IE 6 on my laptop. My screen res is 1024 x 768. You may want to try resetting your screen res to 800 x 600 and checking it?

even at small resolutions it's works fine for me... and Dunc is running is at 1920x1200 on his laptop.

The issue, that I pointed out to you this afternoon, has been coming and going for a long time - back when you were single I first noticed it. Tonight, from my LAN (though still on the culprit machine), all appears well.

Hang on - I stand corrected! Everything looks fine in Firefox 1.0, but I just (after posting above) launched IE 6.0.2900.2180.xpspsp2rtm.040803-2158 (how is that for a version number, eh?) and the problem persists. I'll send you a screen shot.

what about the other machines on your lan?

Firefox 0.8, for Linux, does not appear to have the problem. The two Win2K boxes, running Firefox pre1 are (unfortunately) offline for the night. The iMac (running who knows what) is off the net pending a desk to sit it on.

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