December 6, 2004

Caviar & Banana
Caviar BananaLast night we did a preview tasting at Jeffrey Chodorow’s new Caviar & Banana Brasserio. The Brazilian/French restaurant replaces Rocco’s terrible NBC reality eatery “The Restaurant.”

With the smell of fresh paint in the air and construction paper on the windows— we enjoyed a delicious dinner. The service still has a few kinks that need working out. A waiter emphatically told us that a Hearts of Palm tapas, mistakenly brought to our table, was actually the Blue Cheese and Cashew relish that we had ordered. After proving to him his error— our original order of Blue Cheese and Cashew relish never arrived at the table.

It was the first of many pre-opening tastings— the service (and wait staff’s knowledge of the menu) will only get better. The food was excellent. Our favorites: the ribs with guava sauce, fois gras and the hot chocolate dessert with hot pepper flakes. Another fine ChinaGrill restaurant.


mmmmmmm blue cheese and cashews...

Rocco is a hack. OMG. I made the unforgivable mistake of hitting that place with a group from work. The only saving grace was the waitress... food was laughable; if not for the fact we spent $400.

Don't get me started on Union Pacific

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