November 2, 2004

Civic Duty
basecamp milstoneWe just voted. The scene: 3 poll workers and a representative. That’s it. Not a Republican poster, sign or representative in sight. I’m amazed that in a battleground state, they just gave up in my voting district (Center City Philadelphia). Fingers crossed for regime change!
(image: Basecamp milestone for today)


I wasn't going to vote until Puff Daddy told me I was going to die if I didn't. Good lookin' out, P-Diddy.

I worked the polls today. Apparently in the history of Valley Forge Middle School there was one old woman for the DNC. Two people representing the RNC - Today that changed. We had three people for the DNC all day. After school a flock of high school students arrived to help the Kerry people out raising that to over eight greeters. That alone was great. It also made the two (very old) RNC people tense. What was also amazing all day long kids in grades 5th-8th begging for Kerry pins or stickers. Hardly any (kids) bothered the older folks for Bush.

I waited in line (at a different polling place) for one hour and twnety minutes to vote. The Kerry people had fresh water, coffee, cookies and donuts for all. I didn't see the Bush people. I have never waited to vote for long before, so I am hoping the hour and such time was a great sign. The polls where I worked held steady and was picking up again when I left my shift. Here's to a long night and hopefully help is on the way.

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