October 26, 2004

iPod Photo

What I would have liked to have seen in the new iPod Photo:

  • The ability to display Keynote presentations. Great for presentations on the fly. If it can display photos, surely it can display slides.
  • A fast media loader to get photos onto the iPod (a la FlashTrax). Transferring photos without a Mac should be a no brainer. I’ve tried the Belkin Media Thingy. It’s dog slow. The batteries are dead long before a 1 Gig compact flash is copied
  • The ability to view RAW photos


I agree, it is missing alot. Perhaps it's just a stepping stone to something better. Can you export from Keynote into jpeg images, and then upload it to iPhoto and view it as an album on your iPod Photo. Not the cleanest method, but still should work.

The ability to play video should be next I would think. Just depends on how fast that thing can really process. It also needs bluetooth and wifi and an fm radio transmitter. :)

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