October 22, 2004


So many projects, so many sites… this site ends up being the neglected red-headed stepchild. Unable to sleep through the din of fans and dehumidifiers last night, I figured I’d do something productive and finally got around to doing all the templates on this site that have been missing. Last night I setup templates for:

  • comment pending
  • comment preview
  • comment error
  • search results

They’re rough— but they’re in a state (a state of existing) that they’ll be easy to work on. When I started at 1am, I was shocked to discover you couldn’t alter the form fields in Movable Type 3.0 comment templates. What the heck? How the hell do you design around that? Some late night googling lead me to The Tweezers Edge’s Replacement for <MTCommentFields>. Now we’re on the way to happy comment fieldsets.

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