October 13, 2004

Ring. Ring.
Se K700iI've finally replaced my cellphone. This Mo-Pho was the taken seconds before my last phone collided with a marble bathroom floor at the Ritz-Carlton. I've gone over a month cell-less. It's been rough, yet oddly liberating.

When I finally swapped my SIM card into the new phone I had 35 missed messages and countless SMS'. Whoops. Most people knew I was sans phone. Those of you that didn't... the lines are now open!

I replaced the broken T616 with a Sony Ericsson K700i. It's not officially supported by AT&T, but thanks to wireless standards, it works just fine. This phone should hold me over (on the 1900Mhz band) until the GSM Treo 650 is here. The camera on the K700i isn't that bad (relative to all the shitty phone cameras). It should be pretty good for mo-blogging.

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