September 13, 2004

Owen Patrick Hatton
Owen Patrick Hatton
September 11, 2004
5:24am 8 lbs. 12 oz. 21½ inches

Owen Patrick Hatton



A future PSU (or LSU) football player. Congratulations Eric & Tracy!


he's the most beautiful baby i've ever seen! absolutely perfect.

He's so beautiful and precious. Can't wait to get my turn to hold him.

Super cute. Can't wait to meet him in October.

Wonderful! Congratulations Tracy and Eric!

he's perfect! everytime i see a new baby i'm reminded of what a miracle (and blessing) it truly is. we can't wait to get to know him & jane is very excited to have a new friend. Give Owen hugs and kisses from us!!! with love, the bilbes

Hey Eric, how's your wife and my kid doing? Tracy, you have told Eric by now, right? Anyhoo, congratulations. We're sooo happy and excited for you three. Owen is quite the precious little peanut.

He looks absolutely perfect!! we are so happy for you and can't wait to meet him!! love, the ritchies

he is such a precious little tiger!!! i can't wait to dress him from head to toe in purple and gold!! love ~ nanny kasey

What a doll!! He's adorable! Congratulations Eric and Tracy! And good luck!! :)

He is a "cutie"; I'm sure he's a "Keeper"! Congrats to Eric and Tracey. Mom-Mom Hatton is really proud too.

He is so cute! Congratulations you both. He is so perfect. Thanks for sharing his pictures with me.

Welcome to our world, baby Owen!!! Congrats to all of you. You must be in Heaven!!! We hope to see you guys soon! Love, Kelly

That's my nephew!

He will look natural with a Mets hat on when he's winning the U.S. Tennis open in around 2023.

Love, Scott

He actually does look perfect. Sorry Tracy, he's definitely going to be a little Nittany Lion. I can't wait to see him tonight!

Congrats Tracy and Eric!! I knew when I got the email what it might be about. I was just smiling ear to ear! He's absolutely beautiful!! Your journey has just begun...What a little miracle from God. I'm soooo happy for both of you. Barb Sartini

Congratulations Tracy & Eric! He is beautiful and you are truly blessed with your first little miracle. We cannot wait to see him and hold him tight! What a beautiful family!!

Omg Tracy and Eric he is a doll! he is so0o0o0o0o0 cute and i cant wait to see him! Well i guess i will talk to yall later and i miss yall CONGRATS!!!! x0x0 Britt

Congratulations,Tracy and Eric! He is just beautiful. Being a parent is the most incredible thing you will ever do, and I am sure you will do it well.

He's perfect! Congratulations! Love, Bea

Jon, the pictures look great! Thank you so much.

He is so adorable, and you know i wouldn't lie to you, i see new babies on a daily basis and he is just so cute. I had to show my whole family.

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