August 6, 2004

Brooklyn Bridge Lookout
(c)2001 jonathan hudson
East River, NYC 2001


When was this taken in 2001? You can see the World Trade towers in the financial district.

I think it was May or June. I'll have to check the original file's EXIF.

This was an early evening return from a weekend sailing in Long Island Sound. In this shot we're headed down the East river, rounding the tip of Manhattan to the Pavonia/Newport marina on the Hudson river. It was a 45ft Beneteau named Life of Ryan with a broken windlass... which meant in Port Jefferson I had to pull the 80lb danforth anchor and 100ft of chain off the bottom of the Long Island Sound by hand. I've never hurt so much- or pulled so many muscles at one time.

Seriously, if you're wearing sweatpants, why take the time to put shorts on over them? I see this all the time and have never understood it. Am I missing something?

love the photo, man...

murph: it's society's way of striving to be different- the same reason you see colored mohawks walking the streets of England... they don't serve a purpose, but they sure as heck make the person stick out more. or atleast that's what i've been told :P

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