June 9, 2004

Cool chips
designliquidcool06082004New G5s today. A dumb thing I notice on the "liquid cooling" diagram. Either the art department messed up, or the second processor doesn't ever got hot! That's one cool chip. I'm not all that impressed with the offerings. A year later and my dual 2Ghz G5 is still competitive with the top of the line offerings. Much more interesting is Monday's Airtunes/Airport Express. I have a feeling this has "trojan horse" written all over it. A 54Mb/s wireless connection to be installed next to your home entertainment system? USB, optical audio, ethernet? 54Mb/s is fast enough to stream video someday.


Which chip are you considering the 2nd processor? The coolant is in a loop, the bottom chip is cooled first and then the coolant flows over the top chip. While the top chip will be cooled it won't be cooled to the same degree as the first chip. The now warm (maybe hot) coolant then flows back into the radiator / condenser and that's why it's red (hot).

Dr. Science

PS. 25 seconds on the comment.

If that was the case, then the liquid between the bottom and top processors should be yellow (or red).

Above you have 1) cool fluid enters and exits chip one. 2) Hot fuild (pink) exit processor 2 3) warm fluid (red) enters fan area.

The diagram should be like this: Fluid goes in cool (blue)... hits processor 1 and warms up (yellow/red/whatever) and out of processor 2 hot (pink) and beginning to cool again (red) as it enters the fan's air.

It's not passing through processor 1 cool and and then gets heated only exiting processor 2.

This diagram shows no heated fluid leaving the bottom chip.

The diagram is a graphical representation of what's going on, not an IR Heat Vision picture of the real thing. True, the liquid coming out of chip 1 is hotter then it when in, and the liquid going into chip 2 is hotter then what went into chip 1. Perhaps the liquid coloring (diagram) doesn't meet ANSI heat coloring standards, but it does reflect what is happening - cold liquid enters one end and hot liquid exits the other. I thought you graphics guys were all about simplicity... Why do you need the full heat color spectrum represented in the drawing?

Well if they're showing two levels of heat exiting the top processor, i just thought it was odd that the lower one had NO heat exiting it. At all. It's a cool chip.

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