May 18, 2004

Gas prices

This weekend in Long Island it cost me over $45 to fill my mother's Land Cruiser with gas. That hurts. Duncan is feeling the pain in Cleveland with his Land Cruiser.


Yeah, I was on Strawnguylan, too. (thanks for the phone call) 40 smackers to fill the Crown Vic. About $10 of that burned up at 85m.p.h on the LIE coming home. Good thing I don't drive every day. $70/mo. gets me anywhere I need to go on a regular basis.

Isn't that what you get for driving a LandCrusher? Seriously, those things burn a lot of fuel.

I was driving a supercharged Xterra for a while, getting 14-15 mpg on premium (it only took premium) and decided I couldn't take it anymore when gas prices were around $1.40+... Boy am I glad I sold when I did.

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