April 26, 2004

Where have we been? After returning from Milan, Warden Jordan and I got swept up in our search for a house. We put two offers in on a 175 year-old 4 floor historic townhouse in Old City. After some questionable dealings (property was for sale by owner)-- and the beginning of a bidding war-- we retracted our bid and walked away. It was an extremely stressful endeavor, and took all of our time last week. The market here (and elsewhere, I'm sure) is out of control. Property is over valued and buyers are having a feeding frenzy with every new listing.

We're happy we got out of the purchasing process before we made a huge mistake. We've now agreed to suspend the house hunt until the wedding is over. One major life/financial change at a time is all I can handle.


Things I've heard Jonathan Hudson say, but knew I should never believe: "I'm only moving to Philadelphia for a couple of years, until the design job market picks back up in New York. I'm going to keep my apartment in the city, and I'll be back there every weekend." Circa 2001 "I'm too busy with work to get together this weekend." circa 1992 "I can't eat that much cheese" circa 2002 "Of course I'll respect you in the morning, Marty" circa that drunken evening in 1991 that started it all. What have I let myself get into?

Sorry for being a little heavy handed, but I'll never forgive you for leaving us high and dry in NYC.

Congrats on the house move. You should try to buy now--money will only get more expensive later this year.

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