March 21, 2004

Spring Cleaning

About time! My own site is always the redheaded stepchild when it comes to attention. Finally this page is XHTML valid. Most of the portfolio pages are as well. I have some bugs to work out on old HTML based portfolio pieces and poorly formatted movable type pages from the past. On my path to XHTML compliance I've made some minor refinements to this site. The old look is here. The new one is simpler. I'm sure there's going to be some hickups. As I work the final bugs out and tweak the typography, these pages will fall in and out of compliance. Let me know if anything is horribly wrong. I've test on all the major browsers and my bug list is shrinking.

The biggest changes are behind the scenes. Finally I've separated content and presentation. Studio2f is now nicely structured XHTML with CSS defining the layout. This will allow for easy skinny to introduce new site designs. It also provides the ability to serve content unique to the client (slim down versions for cellphones, accessible versions for screen readers, etc.) I've also added some functionality to take care of my lazy tendencies.

I've always wanted prefect typography, but I never seem to have the time to look up the html entities to make it happen. Thanks to a combo of Textile and SmartyPants I'll be a little closer. Em dashes will be Em dashes (--), ellipses elipses (...) and curly quotes all curly (""), etc.

The URL structure of the site has changed. Instead of numbered entries (455.php) the pages are sorted by date and files names correspond to the entry titles. Archived entries redirect to the new pages- so there shouldn't be any broken links. If you find one, please let me know.

This is still a work in progress... but it's almost complete. The biggest pain is hunting down sloppy html in old blog posts.

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