March 19, 2004

Schlechter Internet-Entwerfer

Appearently a German has based his Ebay template on the code from this site. Their Powermac G3 listing is using my stylesheet- which is requesting images directly from this server. My non-functioning blogtimes PNG can be seen below the "PowerMac" title. I think I'll swap that out of my site and replace it with ... the image.

I replaced the blogtimes image that they're using with the following image:

i stole this computer

Depending how well Babelfish translated it, the graphic above should say "I stole this computer"


You always seem to get hit like this... Using Babblefish to translate your image back to English I got - "stole I these computer". I tried to translate "I stole this computer" and got "ICH stahlt dieses Computer", which succesfully translated back to "self stole this computer".

PV - cdh

"I stole this computer" in German is: "Ich habe diesen Computer gestohlen." or "Dieser Computer wurde gestohlen." which is more like "This computer was stolen"

Thanks Marc! Babelfish is always trouble.

What? No more What will I do?

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