January 27, 2004


The usual debate is that Windows has all the virus because there's a larger market share, and thus virus writers are Windows users writing Windows viruses. However, the virus du jour is set to DDoS the Santa Crus Operation, the litigate-for-profit DeathStar that is attacking Linux. That being the case, then the My Doom writers are more likely angry Linux users launching a return attack on SCO. Back to the original debate. Why didn't they write a *nix virus to attack SCO? Why'd they write a Windows virus? Is it that Linux/Unix/MacOS are tougher nuts to crack? Windows- by default- ships as a inherently insecure swiss cheese operating system. The many Windows lemmings that haven't patched their backdoor/exploit ridden operating systems are easy pickings. Please people- run WindowsUpdate once and a while.

Now off to set up my OSX mail.app rules to delete the heaps of virus laden emails destined for my inbox.

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