January 26, 2004

Say no to spec

The always excellent zeldman.com has a great summary of why working on spec is bad for everyone. In the post dot bomb era, I get so many RFPs that require sample layouts or rough creative explorations. It's always a losing proposition. I fill those requirements of the RFP with a concise explanation of how I reach a functional design that meets the design/marketing goals: After the discovery phase is over, and key business objectives have been defined- can a targeted and strategic design be generated. Design doesn't begin until the strategy and a goal is in place.


i think you want "losing" up there, instead of "loosing."

i'm a writer/editor. i usually get paid $50-100/hour to tell people stuff like that. but for you? i did it on spec.

A ha- see that's why I'm an art director.

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