September 15, 2003

Raise the roof party
(c) 2003 NOAA

Party crasher. I've been planning for months a big bash this weekend at my family's beach house in Bethany, DE. Now it appears the uninvited eye of a Category 4 Hurricane will pass within miles of the house. Coastal flooding, houses crushing witches and flying cows, may dampen the festivities.

(c) 2003 NOAA

The weather channel is predicting sun and fun for Saturday and Sunday. The wrath of God should be past our house by Thursday. Leaving behind it damage from 100 mph winds, a huge lack of electricity and storm surges of 18 feet (coastal flooding). I'll play this one by ear... If Isabelle slows down or hits DelMarVa directly then we may postpone the festivities. Party/weather updates every few hours... Either way we're stocking up on Hurricane mix.

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