September 2, 2003

(c) 2003 jonathan hudson

Lightning Strike
Bethany Beach, DE 2003

I'm amazed I captured this at all. I took around 30 long exposures during an intense thunderstorm at the beach. This last one captured this lightning. While it looks like the house at the end of the cove is being struck, the lightning is actually striking about 5 miles across the Indian River bay.

ISO 100, F2 10 seconds (the exposure should be longer next time...)


Hi JH,

I like your photos, especially the impromptu ones with your t68i mobile phone that capture a real moment as much as the more 'polished' ones with professional equipment. What is the exact technical process you use to 'captured and post in real-time' onto your site?

Many thanks



I post the cellphone photos with

It's really flexible and will do mobile text posts as well... as for hardware, you'll need a cellphone with a camera, and the ability to send emails.

I hope this helps!

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