September 1, 2003

White Balance Modifications
(c) 2003 jonathan hudson

Both halves of this image were shot at 5:33 and 5:34 PM using f2 1/80 ISO 100. The right shows my F707's white balance correctly calibrated to 100 IRE WHITE. The image to the left shows my white balance "adjusted" with Warm Cards Warm 1. I'm not sure I'm happy with the results of Warm 1, but it is interesting how it provides a much warmer- almost film quality- feel to the image. The standard white balance is very cold next to it. I'd be interested in a Warm 0.5 (not in my set of cards), the 1 is too extreme. I need to do some more tests to really see how it does.

(c) 2003 jonathan hudson


What do you do, hold the filter in front of the lense? Or do you have some sort of holder in front of the lense - like the old Conkin filtering system?

nope, you need a camera that allows you to set it's white balance. you fill the camera frame with the card, and set the camera's white balance to think the slightly blue card is actulally white. the camera then over compensates and makes everything warmer

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