August 30, 2003

G5 Status

My personal G5 has been delayed so that Virginia Tech can take it and build a 1100 G5 super computer running at over 4.4 TeraHertz (1100 G5's x 2 Processors = 2200 Processors; 2200 Processors x 2 Ghz EACH = 4400 Ghz). At the last moment they placed a order that snatched up all the G5 orders shipping 8/29. 4.4 THz would place the Virginia Tech cluster in the list of top 5 fastest super computers in the world. An email from Apple today lets me know they'll finally ship one to me in 15 business days- that is, as long as another school doesn't show up days before Sept. 26 and buys all the stock.

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