July 23, 2003

Typeface smackdown

Helvetica/Arial death match. Helvetica offspring Neue is one of the studio2f house typefaces.

I highly recommend The Elements of Typographic Style if you actually want to "understand" type and how it works (and why Helvetica should be kicking Arial's ass). The world of typefaces (and not fonts) is much richer than the free faces that came with your computer. I'm constantly amazed at "designers" today that don't understand basic typography. I was lucky enough to work with learn from Robert Wakeman, the O&M Type Director back in the day. Robert would hand kern IBM Bodoni headlines. His knowledge of typography was Herculean.


you can thank Microsoft for the bastardization of Helvetica known as Arial. Surprising that your font codes on the site call Arial before Helvetica. Not that I'm not guilty of the same...

yes indeed- but the truetype/web helvetica is not the same as the type 1 helvetica you'd use in print. and there's not much tracking and kerning that can be done on a 72dpi webpage.

font tags within these pages are for old browsers that can't handle CSS. old PCs did not come with helvetica. I think you'll find my CSS shows helvetica as the typface of choice.

90% of my visitors pull the CSS. Only 10% are showing up with 3.0 browsers that rely on the the font tag.

oh... and by house typeface I mean that it's in the stable when i sit down to do print design... you can see a lot of helvetica based layout in my portfolio... David Lloyd has been known to give me shit about that...

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