July 21, 2003

Crazy Train
(c) 2003 Jonathan Hudson
Some sort of Dr. Seusian track scrapper just went by my office window. The sound was unbelievable. Going less than 2 mph this thing apparently re-slopes the gravel around train tracks and polishes the track surface. I snagged these two photos with my phone's camera.

(c) 2003 Jonathan Hudson

Not visible in these shots is the attached caboose and flatbed with port-a-potties on it. This monster machine is for long haul gravel moving. Note to self: never use the digital zoom on the camera phone again. It sucks bigtime.


hey at least your camera has a digital zoom...

hey at least you still have a digital camera on your phone...

It went by the week you were on the Cape too. Not really sure what purpose it served - it definetely left nice beds on each side of the rails, but is that necessary? I was also curious as to why it was pulling a 125,000 Watt generator and an outhouse.

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